“Jeff and Lorraine take the time to carefully explain what they see in the eyes and advise on which amino’s will be helpful. They also do a great job in making suggestions to better my health. I’ve paid attention and sometimes took notes regarding various health issues. On one occasion when I took an over-the-counter drug and had an allergic reaction - hands and feet swelled up, turned red and began to itch - I briefly panicked. It was too late in the evening to see my doctor. Then I thought about what I had learned in my iridology sessions. There were a couple of ways to release toxins in gentle, natural ways. I followed through, not knowing what to expect. A short time later, I was happy and relieved when my hands and feet returned to the normal color and no longer bothered me.” ~Carol, USA


 "The program has changed my life, feeling so good. Even with my extreme amount of physical and mental output our business requires." ~Jesse


“I first met Lorraine about five years ago through a recommendation. At the time I felt burnt out and overwhelmed and lacking the vitality of life. Instantly everything that Lorraine mentioned after looking in my eyes I could absolutely relate to. I am feeling like a new person since I have been following their support and can’t imagine not having the powders or Lorraine and Jeff to support my health and well-being. Thank you so much for your amazing ongoing knowledge, guidance and support. 😊” ~Diedre, Australia


“I imagine I am one of Jeff and Lorraine’s earliest customers. I started the program in 1993 at age 36 and have pretty much been taking the amino acids continually since then. My 16, 14 and 12 year old children started when they were in the womb! I remember when I first met Jeff I didn’t have any particular health problems, but he told me the real benefits of his program would be experienced when I was older and now I am there, he was spot on. I started the program because I wanted to be as healthy as possible and have abundant energy for my grueling physical job as a bodywork therapist seeing 30+ patients a week. I have been able to maintain the energy to do that job for over 30 years now. People often say to me ‘I don’t know how you can do this’ or ‘wow you don’t look that old!’. I know from working on bodies all day, every day, that my muscles are as toned and ‘full’ as people 20 years younger than me and feel much younger and healthier than people my age. A couple of times in my life I have had cellular age testing done and both times was told my body was 10 years younger than my years. I have two younger brothers close in years and my body has aged much better than theirs both physically and with age related problems. I very rarely get sick and on the occasion I do, I bounce back quickly. I always have whatever energy I need at any given time. I can manage my weight easily, my body is alkaline, my muscles supple and strong; I’m sure because the program feeds them so well. My kids have taken their own program Lorraine prescribed all their lives. They have always had amazing energy levels, carry no excess weight, have never been moody or grumpy, never had tantrums or meltdowns as babies and have always been bright eyed and very healthy compared to other kids. I believe the money I have spent on the program has bought me the anti aging, regeneration and optimum nutritional support Jeff promised me all those years ago and I would say to anyone who is seeking these things, this is one of the only programs I know that will deliver it. Take it with confidence and like me you will see the healthiest version of you emerge as you get older.” ~Steve, Australia


 “I met Lorraine in February 2002 when I was a permanent resident in Australia and was very fortunate to do so. I have been on Healthy Living Lifestyle program ever since. The road to good health was long and bumpy but the formulas, in combination with charcoal powder that I use religiously in all my drinks and also to brush my teeth and tongue, proved to be an invaluable help along the years. It gave me the physical and emotional energy to undertake and achieve all my life’s projects without having to make a huge change to my diet apart from eating more fruit and vegetables.” ~Cyrille, Reunion Island


“My health started to deteriorate three years ago and taking antibiotics made me worse. Six months later I contracted food poisoning and my immune system was very poor. I developed chronic diarrhea and digestive issues not long after, with severe weight loss, fatigue and constant nausea. After seeing multiple specialists and doctors, all tests came back negative. Lost and desperate, Lorraine was recommended to me and only she could you tell me what was wrong after no doctors could! On initial consult, I didn’t have to say anything - she knew my symptoms just by looking at my eyes. The program and the amino acids really do help with digestion, energy, immunity, stress and hormones…I’m often lost without them! Lorraine is very knowledgeable and caring and I’ve learned so much. With her guidance I’m seeing some positive changes and feeling like I’m on the right track to better health. Thank you!" ~Leena, Australia


“Lorraine and Jeff have been supporting my health and wellbeing since 2011, when I reached out to them to help with food intolerances and inflammation problems. I am 100% certain the amino’s and holistic approach to wellbeing have helped me. I feel stronger, healthier, and happier and more balanced than ever.” ~Sue, Kiama


“Positively life changing.” ~Carla, United Kingdom


 “I have been taking their products for years, it has made a massive difference to my health and well-being. Their knowledge, insights and advice, have been life changing for me and has inspired me to make better and healthier life choices and contributed to my positive mindset.” ~Will, Australia


 “Meeting Lorraine and Jeff 8 years or so ago was life changing for me. I didn’t realize at the time how run down I was. Sleeping badly and out of control asthma. Since going on the program my general health started to improve immediately and my asthma, so much that after only a month or two I was able to give up my steroid inhalers…Think what I like the best is they look at your whole body health and lifestyle, not individual symptoms as most GPs just seem to concentrate on. The program then feed your body what it needs to generally lift your overall well-being. In the process, specific things may be fixed although they make no claim to treat actual disease. My wife and I are both daily users of their products. We cannot imagine ever stopping.” ~Kim, Australia


 “Lorraine was recommended to me after I kept getting sick for months and antibiotics weren’t helping and it was all the doctors were suggesting. I took a blood test and there was nothing in my home that I was allergic to. After my first consultation with Lorraine I finally knew that I was getting sick from mould so I searched the apartment and she was right there was a little bit of mould on the window. After going on the aminos my energy came back, my immune system was stronger, my concentration improved, my quality of sleep improved. Thank you healthy living you’ve literally changed my life for the better.” ~Katia, Australia


 “I have been using the Amino Acid Products from the original Healthy Living for many years. I have a rare health problem and I find the products help me tremendously with energy, pain and sleep. I actually think they prolong life. 😊” ~Heather, Australia


 “When I had a major health challenge years ago and sought help from the iridologists, I was guided to start taking some of the amino acid supplements. I also followed some other suggestions to assist me in getting healthier. I’m so grateful that I did that! After taking new blood tests and getting the results, I was happy to see many positive changes. My doctor seemed surprised. For me, it was a confirmation that the iridologists really knew what they were doing and I was on the right track to gaining better health in more natural ways. Since then, I have learned a lot, still take various amino acid supplements, and continue to experience beneficial changes.” ~Carol, USA


 “I met Lorraine in Manly when she visited Sydney over one and a half years ago. I came prepared with X-rays, blood work results and meds. She looked me straight in the eye and told me what nobody but my husband, the bag of tests and records, and I only knew. I was so surprised and so happy that she could see me and what my individual needs were. She had helped my sister three years prior and my sister had recommended I see her. I was so delighted with the meeting and have been taking the formulas since her Manly visit last February 2018. She always follows up with text messages and live video streams from the USA where she also completes eye checking as well as what things I should be doing to assist my program…such a devout woman. We (my husband and I) visited the Meriton Apartments yesterday (06.09.19) and my husband got to see first hand what all the fuss was about. My husband was really happy with the outcome last night and couldn’t believe that Lorraine was able to pick up so much by just looking into his eyes. Everything she mentioned was backed up in the bloodwork. She could really read his medical history and what she believes will work to improve and rejuvenate his health. He has and will continue to take the formulas, as will I and my two older children whom are 13 and 10 years old. Thank you Lorraine and thank you healthy living. You’ve given me my life back. 😊” ~Nancy, Australia


 “The first time I took the particular amino acid supplements that were recommended to me I felt a real difference in energy levels and concentration within twenty-four hours. I felt so alive and vital, in ways I had not felt before. Due to various changes in my life, I have been on and off the supplements for over a decade.” ~Pauline, Australia


 “I have been on ‘the Program’ for a year and a half. From the very first consultation, I was amazed at what Lorraine could tell just from looking at my eyes – accurately describing not only my inherited genetic weaknesses, but also what was currently going on with my health, without me telling her anything! Lorraine has amazing knowledge to help me through any health problems. I heal and recover very quickly from any colds, viruses and health issues by following her advice. She has an amazing mixture of feeling like a friend you can share any problems with, caring, warm, intuitive whilst always remaining professional. Before I met Lorraine I had suffered from so many health problems – stress-related illnesses, ongoing IBS, anxiety, adrenal burnout and a life-threatening disease that left weaknesses – just to name the most bothersome on a day-to-day basis! With her advice, I am now living without prescription drugs (which I’d been on for over 15 years - the GP’s just dolling out more and more to combat my ‘new’ health problems) and I know my health would now be so much worse without taking the amino’s. I learnt from my dance with death two years ago - that if you don’t have your health in life, you really have very little!! Health must come first to be of any use to yourself, let alone anyone else! My partner introduced me to the program and now Lorraine is helping my Mum who has a long list of health issues to sort out!! Over the past year and a half, my muscles have become more ‘full’ and toned and back to like that of when I was a teenager! (Without extra exercise!!) 😉 My skin has become smooth again, pores reduced in size and ugly life-long bags under my eyes 85% improved already! All the changes Lorraine said would happen have gradually been taking place. After suppressing my body’s natural hormones with the pill since being a teenager, I now realise the other health problems it was causing and am now living far more happily aligned with nature!! I was so worried about coming off the pill due to the horrendous side-effects other girls said they experienced (and my symptoms as a teenager seemed far worse, plus I’d been on it far longer) so I was worried my symptoms would all come back 3 fold! However, Lorraine made it an easy process and I’m in no doubt that was due to her careful re-balancing from the program. I’m now the proud owner of the most full and pert breasts I’ve ever owned 😉 and feel far more in control of my health (and therefore my future and what I can accomplish), rather than accepting a rollercoaster of bad health which was affecting my job options and mental health too. And what price can you put on that in life? …What value do you put on YOUR quality and length of life?!...Worth every penny 😉 ” ~Charlotte, United Kingdom